Leadership Coaching

Supporting your Leaders to be the best they can be…

Even the most self-aware of us know that there are blockages that are limiting our true potential, often linked to past experiences. This affects our ability to lead and influence others.

Our leadership coaching programs begin with self-reflection. What made us who we are today? Our powerful coaching techniques enable people to recognise their strengths while releasing the past, along with associated negative emotions and limiting decisions, allowing them to achieve peak performance as engaged and authentic leaders.

This breakthrough coaching program allows leaders to connect with others on a deeper level, which is a prerequisite to becoming an authentic leader – one who is people-centred and conscious of how we show up in the world and influence other people.

Coaching sessions focus on leadership development and opportunities for increased employee engagement, working through issues as they arise and resolving them in a new way.

Call Claire on 0424 605 858 or email claire@thetrainingalliance.com.au for a coaching program outline.

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